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Our glass is just as manifold as the needs of our customers, because glass that is perfectly suited for its purpose increases functionality, for example with customer-specific display glass in industry, medicine and around the office.

The display panels we manufacture make your devices even more powerful, for example, as a medium for multi-touch controls, and they ensure natural, high-contrast color reproduction.

We offer display panels made from float, borosilicate or aluminosilicate glass. They are suitable for use in daylight, can be sterilized and can withstand extreme environmental conditions. We will work closely with you to find the right solution for you for almost every application and technology. We are your one source partner, from design to ready-to-install units.

Come talk to us! We serve the following markets:

Touch Display for Digital Signage

Digital Signage

We all know and use the information displays or terminals found on railway platforms. It is nice when the display works reliably in the long run, when there are no reflections even when exposed to extreme sunlight and when the touch functions react well.

Raised front prints (haptics) make it easier for people with limited sight to operate and use modern information systems.

Display for medical applications


Structured glass used in medical technology must direct light optimally, provide a great deal of tactile feedback, react well to touch and be operable while wearing a glove, among other things. The surface requirements are high.

Glass touch units can be easily cleaned and disinfected if they undergo prolonged use.

Control unit for industrial applications


Robust, easy to clean glass surfaces with integrated switches and touch elements optimize the usability of displays in industry automation.

Control elements are easier to grip when in use and less susceptible to fingerprints and similar contamination, which is ideal for touch applications in the manufacturing industry.

Touch display for gaming machines


Gaming machines are exposed to many different light influences and are required to be robust, safe and easy to clean.

The requirements for the glass surface are high: exceptional and brilliant design as well as a reliable touch function is in the focus of attention. Clear or structured glass has to direct the light optimally plus shows outstanding haptic and optical properties and reacts sensitively to touch.

Touch display for vending machines


Vending machines are exposed to different stress. Every application has different demands and requires different solutions, such as robust, UV-resistance, weather-proof or anti-reflective finishes.

Customized recesses for payment systems or other functions can be integrated very well into the glass design. Nearly any size of glass can be printed individually and is, upon request, available as ready-to-install assembly with a display and touch function.

Display assembly for navigation devices


Navigation devices must be glare-free and reliable, and the touch surface always has to be easy to operate.

In order to satisfy your wishes, we strive to provide the best combination of our comprehensive expertise in glass refining - from design to volume production.

Touch display for nautical applications


On the high seas - in one of the most difficult areas of application - devices have to be resistant to saltwater and work in the sunlight.

Whether it is a nautical chart terminal, a mobile fish finder or a marine navigation device: reliable touch functions and a long product life are paramount.

Touch systems for agricultural applications


To control large harvest machines reliably and precisely using modern touch systems places great demands on the touch units used in this vehicles:

In agricultural technology, there is great demand for dust-tight and weather resistant control units that can be used at any time.

Touch display systems in food industry


Display touch systems in food technology provide ways to use these systems around food; they are easy to clean, sanitary and antibacterial.

Source: S.A.M. KUCHLER Electronics GmbH

Touch display for traffic technology


Dynamic passenger information, digital timetable information and electronic ticket controls are displayed using touch readers (RFID) in traffic technology and transportation.

Source: dresden elektronik verkehrstechnik gmbh

Touch units for entertainment systems

Entertainment Systems

User friendly touch units are used in many professional applications in consumer electronics, such as studio technology, in radio and on TV.

Source: Lawo AG

Touch display for home automation

Home Automation

Smart electronic house management systems with sensitive, design-adapted touch surfaces are used in private households, hotel facilities and office buildings.

Structured glass surfaces in operating lights ensures shadow-free light

Structured surfaces

Glass surfaces are structured using a specially designed etching and dipping process.

This results in:

Defined surface properties, surface roughness or gloss values for various markets and areas of use, e. g. cover panels for display elements, instrument covers, lighting glass, glass for touch applications, or picture framing glass.


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