Touch display made by Berliner Glas Technical Glass

Assembly of Display & Touch Units. Tailor-Made and Ready for Installation.

Our strength lies in the way we combine refining techniques. Depending on the properties and desired function of your product, we develop tailor-made solutions for you and provide you with ready-to-install display units, assembled and ready to be integrated into your system. You will get from us:

Display & Touch Units

  • with adhesive devices
  • with mounting brackets
  • fit flush in the frame
  • with EMV shielding
  • as partial modules or complete units
scheme of a touch assembly by Berliner Glas Technical Glass

Scheme of a touch assembly

Mounting of a touch display assembly

Display touch assembly

You as the customer determine the degree of configuration:

From the electronic components within sub-assemblies, the glass cover, an assembly with front frames and clearly defined interfaces all the way to connecting to your system - everything is possible.

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Technical Glass and Touch Modules
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Technical Glass and Touch Modules
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Miranda Stender
Technical Glass and Touch Modules
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