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Berliner Glas Technical Glass is one of Europe's leading suppliers of high-quality refined technical glass and glass touch assemblies. Our competencies cover almost everything that is possible with technical glass - whether CNC machining, screen printing, thermal or chemical tempering, safety glass, lamination, bending, etching, bonding or assembling. We realize all this at our sites in Schwäbisch Hall and Syrgenstein.

Our modern processing and refininig technologies turn glass into a versatile high-tech material that is used in various industries and in various ways, such as displays of PCs, navigation systems, medical devices or in industrial automation.

Our glass makes your devices even more powerful, for example as a support for multi-touch controls with a natural, high-contrast color rendering.

Video: Experience Glass Refinement.
How Glass Becomes High-Tech.

Contact Berliner Glas Technical Glass

Berliner Glas Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co. KG Syrgenstein
Giengener Strasse 16
89428 Syrgenstein-Landshausen, Germany
Phone +49 9077 95 895-0
Berliner Glas KG Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co.
Weidenhalde 20
74523 Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
Phone +49 791 93 295-0


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