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Safety Glass & Lamination.

Customized Safety Glass.

Laminated safety glass (LSG)

Berliner Glas manufactures flat and bent laminated glass as safety glass for measurement instruments, as safety glasses and protective eyewear, as front panels for displays and as shaped glass.
We primarily use float glass in various thicknesses. Tinted, printed, anti-reflective or chemically strengthened glass can also be used. PVB foil* demonstrates excellent resistance as well as transmission within the visual spectrum and filter properties within the UV spectrum.


quality control of laminated safety glass at Berliner Glas Technical Glass factory site

Production of laminated safety glass

Autoclaving at Berliner Glas factory site - we guarantee a bubble-free foil surface

The autoclaving process ensures a bubble-free foil surface.

Surfaces with optical, functional or safety properties

Lamination using an anti-reflective or conductive foil, combined with a hard coating, supports a controlled influence on the individual optical requirements of the panel. Safety features like splinter protection are provided using a splinter bonding process on the back. Splinter protective foil reduces splintering if the glass is broken.
The lamination process results in glass/foil/glass or foil/glass combinations.


Berliner Glas Technical Glass - lamination with functional foils

safety foil lamination at Berliner Glas Technical Glass factory site

Lamination with functional foils supports the individual optical requirements.



You can find more information and technical specifications via our data sheets:



Safety Glass





* tear-resistant, elastic polymer foil to bond glass splinters, made from polyvinyl butyral = PVB

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specifications for lamination
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specifications for safety glass
Data sheet

Safety Glass

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