Etched glass

Scattering. Elimination of Glare and Reflection.

Advantages of structured glass surfaces

While untreated glass simply reflects a part of the incoming light, leading to an annoying reflected picture, our structured glass surface scatters the reflected light. The reflected picture is eliminated and no longer visible.

Light scattering in reflection

Light scattering in reflection

Non-glare picture framing glass

In transmission the scattered light is directed into a multitude of orientations thus creating a light that reduces or eliminates shadows, a vital requirement for many applications.

Light scattering in transmission

Light scattering in transmission

Structured glass surfaces in operating lights ensures shadow-free light

Light scattering at surgical lights (BG-Nonflex)

Depending on the specific requirements, we are able to produce the optimum non-glare glass for your application - e.g. for TEGLA® picture framing glass.


Technical details are available here:

BG-NFT Glass


BG-Nonflex Glass

BG-Classic 2Plus Glass

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