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Perfect for Touch Applications.

Technical applications might require a well defined glass surface structure. This could be a specific roughness, a number of surface elements, hills and valleys per Mikron, or a specific shape of those surface elements. The surface structure can for example make a plastic pen writing on glass feel similar to a pen writing on paper. Etched surfaces can offer optimized haptic properties, they can be less prone to fingerprints and other contaminations – ideal for touch applications, they can have adjusted friction for mechanical parts or they can have easy to clean properties.

To a large extent those properties can be combined. Glass whiteboards for example need an easy to clean surface. If they shall also be used as a beamer projection board, the surface also needs to fulfill light scattering demands. Whether as a beamer projection board or industrial displays from different sectors - the specific surface structures of our glasses support the function of many applications.

Industry display in the medical field (BG-NFT)
Functionality for multimediaboards (BG-Nonflex)

High-quality controls with touch function are increasingly common in modern computers and in telecommunications systems. They need to be non-reflective, resistant against mechanical wear or cleaning chemicals, sensitive to touch, feel comfortable and be easy to clean. Our etched glass meets those high demands - especially the anti-fingerprint effect, the mechanical and chemical resistance and the optimized haptic feeling represent major advantages compared to conventional anti-reflective coatings.

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BG-NFT Glass






BG-Nonflex Glass



BG-Classic-2Plus Glass

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Data sheet - Pretreatment of Float Glass
Data sheet

Pretreatment of Float Glass

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Chemical Polishing

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Data sheet - BG-Classic 2Plus
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BG-Classic 2Plus

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Data sheet - BG-NFT
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Surface Technology

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