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Flawless Surfaces, Break-Resistant.

Glass that needs to fulfill specific requirements might largely benefit from etching treatments. Using chemical polishing processes the mechanical and thermal stability of heavily machined glass, e. g. CNC machined, sandblasted etc., can be increased up to orders of magnitude. Active in the molecular scale and capable of reaching into the finest surface elements, like the inner side of holes drilled into a glass body, the acid widens and smoothens the sharpness of micro cracks and thereby eliminates the starting points for mechanical failure. These acid mixtures are optimized to avoid haze and leave the glass surface unstructured.


Other acid mixtures can clean glass by etching, thus providing the perfect surface for sensible coatings. Berliner Glas has developed acid mixtures that can remove tin particles from the surface to increase coating yields or even to completely remove tin from the tin side surface of Float glass to avoid warp in chemical strengthening processes.


Berliner Glas has developed acid mixtures to reduce the thickness of ultrathin glass to desired values. Other mixtures can remove chemical impurities or completely remove coatings that had gone wrong to recover your expensive glass substrate.

Certified production in accordance with occupational health and environmental safety regulations

Berliner Glas only uses high-quality glass from reputable manufacturers. Customer owned material can also be processed in a commission order. After etching the glass we can pack it according to your requirements.


Just ask us – we got the technological expertise to develop the solution for your glass surface.


  • Special etchings
  • Pre-cut parts

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Data sheet - Pretreatment of Float Glass
Data sheet

Pretreatment of Float Glass

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Data sheet - Chemical Polishing
Data sheet

Chemical Polishing

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Data sheet - BG-Classic 2Plus
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BG-Classic 2Plus

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Data sheet - BG-TE
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Data sheet - BG-NFT
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Company Brochure - Surface Technology
Company Brochure

Surface Technology

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