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Touch Lamination.

Excellent Readability and Haptics.



Touch Assembly made by Berliner Glas Technical Glass

Glass touch units must work reliably and be readable in the long run and in extreme environmental conditions.


Berliner Glas is there to help you find the right solution. We combine projective capacitive touch sensors (PCap) with your panel through lamination. For your specific requirements, we offer various tried-and-true lamination techniques, cleanroom conditions and a 100 % performance test.

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Technical Glass and Touch Modules
Miranda Stender
Fon +49 791 93295-83
miranda.stender [at]
Technical Glass and Touch Modules
Fabian Schmidt
Fon +49 791 93295-82 [at]
Technical Glass and Touch Modules
Vera Hopfenziz
Fon +49 791 93295-26
vera.hopfenziz [at]


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