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Transmission Increase.

High Light and Energy Yields.

Berliner Glas has developed an etching process that creates a glass surface with reduced refractive index. Adjusting the appropriate thickness for that layer results in an increase in light transmittance and accordingly to a reduction of reflected light.


The BG-TE etching can be performed on a variety of glass types or unconventional substrate geometries, for example, bent glass, highly curved lenses, molded glass or tubes. Also the inside of tubes, even curved ones, can be treated to increase light transmittance.


The transmission enhancing etching can also be applied on thermally strengthened safety glass – after its final treatment. The process does not require heat or vacuum, nor clean room technology or sophisticated glass cleaning machinery. Therefore it is economically very attractive and can reduce residual reflection to as low as 1 %.



Examples for applications of BG-TE glass with high transmission:


Berliner Glas Technical Glass - transmission increase for solar collectors

Energy enhancement for solar collectors (BG-TE)

Berliner Glas Technical Glass - transmission increase for sports stadium lights

Enhancement of light transmission for sports stadium lights (BG-TE)



Besides protection, more brightness and energy transmission is the objective of functional glass in lighting applications, photovoltaics or solar collectors. The special surface treatment of our BG-TE glass substantially increases the transmitted light.




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