Berliner Glas Group Companies

Your Contact Partners for Technical Glass.

We Are at Your Service.

Here you find the contact partners for the Berliner Glas Group who are specialized in technical glass and are available for you at the locations in southern Germany in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria:


  • Miranda Stender, Vera Hopfenziz and Fabian Schmidt are there for you on the topics of technical glass and touch modules.
  • Désirée Olk and Monika Mack are there to answer your questions about structuring glass surfaces - from diffusion glass and cover glass to sophisticated picture glass.

You can find an overview of all contact partners within the Berliner Glas Group - including the contacts for press and public relations as well as careers - on the company group website:


Berliner Glas KG Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co.
Weidenhalde 20
74523 Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
Fon +49 791 93 295-0
techglas [at]
Berliner Glas Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co. KG Syrgenstein
Giengener Strasse 16
89428 Syrgenstein-Landshausen, Germany
Fon +49 9077 95 895-0
syrgenstein [at]


Marketing & Communications
Wencke Schulz
Fon +49 30 60 905-367
wencke.schulz [at]

Technische Gläser

Technical Glass and Touch Modules
Miranda Stender
Fon +49 791 93295-83
miranda.stender [at]
Technical Glass and Touch Modules
Fabian Schmidt
Fon +49 791 93295-82 [at]
Technical Glass and Touch Modules
Vera Hopfenziz
Fon +49 791 93295-26
vera.hopfenziz [at]
Surface Technology
Monika Mack
Fon +49 9077 958 95-19
monika.mack [at]
Surface Technology
Désirée Olk
Fon +49 9077 958 95-25
desiree.olk [at]